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Terms & Conditions,
Board game

Project Summary

Terms and Conditions is a word based party card game that started off as a dumb idea in the back of my head, and turned into a dumb idea people could play! It’s the verbal gymnastics of Taboo combined with the irreverence of Cards Against Humanity. This project showcases a variety of skills from print design to copywriting.
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Inventing, designing and building this social card game from inception to delivery. Intensive market research and play testing allowing constant iteration through a rapid feedback cycle. Using the Adobe Suite to generate hundreds of designs and sending the best one to print. Branding by the very talented Lisa Von Fersen.

Video Producer

A 3 minute animated Kickstarter video that explained the game whilst creating a fast and fun tone that would engage users. It was a four camera shoot that I produced, shot, and edited independently.

Comedy Writing

The key to the casual gaming market is nailing a fun and relatable tone, like Cards Against Humanity. This project utilised the 80 separate ‘Condition’ cards as prime real estate for tongue in cheek comedic copy that would add humor and sass to juxtapose the more traditional branding. Jokes from the very funny Imogen Baker.

Bela Inkstr

Creator of "F**k. The Game"

"Easy to learn yet amusingly challenging party game. T & C uses a number of deviously devised conditions to work your mind and body. Love it!"

Guided Resolution, Promo Video

A sharp and funny advertisement that uses high production values and visual cues to sell the platform.

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