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Project Summary

Crafting websites at every stage from concept until delivery. Utilising user research to understand the primary goals and purpose of the site, and then letting that mission drive every decision from user experience to development. Creating sites that aren't just beautiful, but also deliver results.


ThoughtWorks needed an entirely new site that reflected their position as technology experts. I utilised online and offline surveys with TreeJack and face-to-face interviews respectively to design the perfect information architecture. Then I worked with the team to design and build the sleek, powerful and effective site the international juggernaut still uses today.

Hi I'm Julian (this site)

This was a fantastic project to work on. I started with the vision to build an engaging site that grabbed attention and communicated the value of my multiple skillsets. I designed, built and tested the site myself, and then conducted weeks of user testing to make sure it was perfect. A special mention to Nico Bernadi, the genius photographer who not only captured the images but also helped refine and improve my ideas from the earliest stage.


Recovawear sell scientifically designed clothing to help with injury recovery. They were transitioning their pragmatic product into a fashionable brand and needed a website to match. I worked with the team for a full suite offering that included: photography, branding, art direction, collateral and site build.

The Learning Festival

A dynamic events  complex that features complex CMS item management, client side event updates, intricate internal variable visibility logic, and beautiful animations.

"It’s hard to give a testimonial as I don’t know the full extent of Julian’s technical mastery. Yet as a client that is exactly what you need, absolute trust in an area you have no expertise, and trust was plentiful due to the consistent communication and clear demonstrations of complex technical requirements to test fit with purpose. There was multiple platform integration into a seamless user experience. No challenge was too small, and Julian was able to rapidly problem solve to retro-fit new functionality to seamlessly respond to user needs as they emerged. Embracing the iterative design approach that made this entire project a success."
- Nicole Barling

Website here

Guided Resolution, Promo Video

A sharp and funny advertisement that uses high production values and visual cues to sell the platform.

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